Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Show, With Craig Willis Bell!

After several false starts, here is the first hour of the very first Boom Shakes The Room!

Craig Willis Bell is my special guest, and he talks about his Indianapolis bands The Down-Fi and DEEZEN, with music from both, including a sneak preview of DEEZEN's upcoming cassette release.

Craig gives us a second sneak preview, courtesy of Smog Veil Records, for an X____X track he plays bass on, scheduled for release in late Fall 2015.

Music from Sir Deja Doog, Thee Tsunamis, The Dockers (from their brand new album!), Apache Dropout, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (playing Indy soon), Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, and Sitar Outreach Ministries.

Huge show listings, with comprehensive Record Store Day events from across Indiana.

Extra special thanks to Doog Aloog / Sir Deja Doog, for permission to use the phrase "Boom Shakes The Room" for the name of the show (it comes from his song, "Bombasm"), and the copious editing of his songs for drops.

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