Friday, July 10, 2015

Episode 013 - The Gizmos

The Gizmos reunited their original line up last year, and decided to continue as a band. They have two shows scheduled for Indiana- Indy & Bloomington coming up this weekend.

Hour One: Original Gizmos Kenne Highland and Eddie Flowers join by phone and talk about their contributions to selected songs. Tracks from the new "Gizmos World Tour 2014" CD. Music by No Coast, Absonites, Jacco Gardner, and Jorma Whitaker.

Hour Two: Continued conversation and Gizmos music, with Kenne & Eddie. Music by DEEZEN, Wet Heave, Open Sex, Chives, and Vacation Club, plus a snippet from Bebop Tsunami's NPR interview with Eddie Flowers ahead of last year's reunion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Episode 012 - Mike Rippy of The Dockers

This week's interview guest is Mike Rippy, of the very prolific Indianapolis band, The Dockers. Their sound is a curious blend of metal, punk, comics, and juvenile humor- they call it 'Fezcore'. Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise checks in ahead of the 4-day Fountain Square Music festival, which JNR is participating in.

Hour One: Rippy guides us through the new album, 'The Fury Of The Mindless Ones', complete with revealing the references. Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise. Statewide show listings. Music all by bands playing in the next five days: Vacation Club, S.M. Wolf, America Owns The Moon, Thee Tsunamis, Apache Dropout, Yonatan Gat, and The Lemons.

Hour Two: More madness with Mike Rippy and The Dockers, also Deezen. Music by The Melvins, Hew Time, Wet Heave, and The Gizmos.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Episode 011 - Dylan Schwab of Jurassic Pop Records

Dylan Schwab is a co-founder of Indianapolis-Cleveland label Jurassic Pop, issuing a steady stream of mostly Midwestern quirky pop bands.

Hour One: Dylan Schwab talks about the formation of the label and guiding principles, plays choice cuts from newest cassette split with Indianapolis bands S.M Wolf and Faux Paw. Music by Bo Jackson 5, Psychic Baos, The Dockers, The Mound Builders, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, Thee Tsunamis, and Vacation Club.

Hour Two: Dylan reveals the existence of a Carmel scene, and touts the upcoming album by Champs Elysees, spins favorites from Pfarmers new album. Music by Circuit des Yeux, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, Sleeping Bag, Dave Segedy, and Memory Map.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Episode 010 - Jimmy Peoni, Glory Hole Records & State Street Pub

Jimmy Peoni recently opened the State Street Pub in Indianapolis, in part to assure a regular venue to showcase bands on his label, Glory Hole Records. Apologies for the sound during the interview. The laptop software decided to bypass the sound board inputs and record on a condenser mic.

Hour One: Jimmy talks about the State Street Pub, and getting it up and running. Music by Chives, Psychic Baos, We Are Hex, The Goldmines, America Owns The Moon, Digital Dots, S.M. Wolf, The Down-fi, Bookstore.

Hour Two: Jimmy talks more about upcoming Glory Hole Records releases. Music by Bo Jackson 5, The Lickers, Vacation Club, Christian Taylor & Homeschool, Crys, Chives, Thee Open Sex, Margot & The Nuclear So-And-Sos, Normanoak, Apache Dropout, The Gizmos, Dave Segedy, and The Panics.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Episode 009 - Chives

Chives is a band, Chives is the man. The play out a lot and have three records in the can. Interview with Chives and Nick Big Dick.

Hour One: Chives & Nick talk about recording at home and their evolutions with line-up changes and new sounds, and the influence of disco. Music by The Pummels, Dave Segedy (of Sleeping Bag), Psychic Baos, Missing Hearts, Chives, and Pattern Is Movement.

Hour Two: More talk with Chives & Nick, profound statements on being support in a band. Music by The Constants, Missing Hearts, Chives, Deezen, Apache Dropout, The Pummels, America Owns The Moon, We Are Hex, and Thee Tsunamis.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Episode 008 - New Music

No interview guest this week, loads of mew music instead.

Hour One: Music from We Are Hex, Apache Dropout, Wet Heave, Psychic Baos, The Pummels, The Lickers, Metavari, Bonesetters, and Sleeping Bag. Statewide show listings.

Hour Two: Music from Psychic Baos, The Down-fi, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, The Dockers, The Pummels, Sir Deja Doog, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Episode 007 - John Dawson & Seth Mahern of Magnetic South

Magnetic South is a label, a recording studio, and a venue. Interview guests Seth & John run them all, and play in Apache Dropout (Seth), and Open Sex (John).

Hour One: Talking mainly about the recording studio and Magnetic South values, preview of the upcoming Psychic Baos 7" record, talk about Apache Dropout. The week's show listings. Music by Thee Tsunamis, Christian Taylor & Homeschool, Missing Hearts, The Lemons, and Apache Dropout.

Hour Two: More with Seth & John, talking about the evolutions of Open Sex, upcoming Magnetic South releases, more from the Psychic Baos 7" and an Apache Dropout live recording. Music by Bonesetters, The Pummels, Open Sex, and Circuit des Yeux.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Episode 006 - The Free Zone & Craig Bell

This episode has two guests, one for each hour.

Hour One: Tim & Tom of the Free Zone talk about their radio show on WICR 88.7-fm in Indianapolis, and the upcoming Agent Orange show they are promoting. Music by Apache Dropout, Thee Tsunamis, The Icks, Ko, Agent Orange, In The Whale, The Brothers Gross, Shame Thugs, and CCR Headcleaner.

Hour Two: Craig Willis Bell updates us on his latest activities, recording with The Down-fi and Rocket From The Tombs, and touring with X_____X. We played not-yet-released songs from Down-fi and X_____X. Music by Brenda's Friend, America Owns The Moon, live tracks from Thee Tsunamis and Dirtbike, Viet Cong, Burnt Ones, Apache Dropout, and Mike Adams At His Honest Weight.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Episode 005 - Bebop Tsunami of Thee Tsunamis

Thee Tsunamis are releasing a new album this weekend, with two shows to celebrate- one in Indianapolis, and one in Bloomington. Singer/guitarist Bebop Tsunami joined as our special interview guest. The new album is called "Saturday Night Sweetheart", and will be released by Bloomington's Magnetic South Recordings.

Hour One: Bebop Tsunami mixes a signature cocktail and spins songs from the new album. Also, music by Sir Deja Doog, Missing Hearts, and Apache Dropout.

Hour Two: More interview with Bebop Tsunami, and more music by Thee Tsunamis- new record and back catalog. Also, music by Sebadoh (new Joyful Noise unannounced giveaway record), Sleeping Bag, Thee Open Sex, Deezen, Bo Jackson 5, The Nevermores, The Dockers, The Brothers Gross, and Raw McCartney.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Episode 004 - Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise Recordings

When Indiana passed a controversial law (RFRA- the Religious Freedom Restoration Act), backlash was great, entertainers and conventions threatened to boycott the state. Indianapolis label Joyful Noise Recordings had what they felt was a more positive response- a compilation supporting marriage equality, called "50 Bands & A Cat". Karl Hofstetter of Joyful Noise tells us about the compilation, and other things his label is up to.

Hour One: Interview with Karl Hofstetter. Music from Joyful Noise artists Memory Map & CJ Boyd, compilation tracks from Lil' Bub (yes, the cat), Thee Oh Sees, Godspeed You! Black Emporer, and The Coke Dares; live tracks from We Are Hex and Dirtbike, as recorded by Boom Shakes The Room; Thee Tsunamis (album preview), and Vacation Club.

Hour Two: More interview with Karl Hofstetter. Music from Joyful Noise artists Yonatan Gat, Surfer Blood, Stranger Cat, and Tim Kinsella; release previews from Thee Tsunamis and Deezen, bands playing soon- Circuit des Yeux, and Bonesetters.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Episode 003

This episode lacks an interview guest, but that is more than made up for with a ton of Indiana music. If I do say so myself, these are really well assembled sets. Great flow!

Hour One: Vacation Club, Apache Dropout, America Owns The Moon, The Down-fi, Dave Segedy, The Pummels, The Rutabega (these last two from a Kinks tribute compilation), Obnox (coming to Indy soon) We Are Hex, J Hernandez (played Bloomington, on Joyful Noise), and The Icks.

Hour Two: Thee Open Sex (from JNR's new comp "50 Bands And A Cat For Indiana Equality"), Obnox, We Are Hex, Last IV, The Dockers, Yonatan Gat (new JNR album), Open Sex, Thee Tsunamis, The Nevermores, Vacation Club, Normanoak, Sleeping Bag

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Episode Posted; Jacob Gardner, guest

Jacob Gardner was this week's special guest, for an interview and a survey of his music, including the brand new Raw McCartney 7", older stuff, Missing Hearts, and a Crys track, even. We discussed Debbie's Palace of Noise & Laundry, also.

1st Hour: Raw McCartney, Missing Hearts; Record Store Day goodies from American Owns The Moon, Sleeping Bag, Kinks tribute compilation called "We Really Got You", played DEEZEN and the Bo Jackson 5; rare tracks from Joyful Noise artists Reptar and Pattern Is Movement; more new Dockers; show listings; backing music from Sir Deja Doog and Lord Fyre.

2nd Hour: More interview with Jacob Gardner, and his bands Raw McCartney, and Crys; Thee Tsunamis, Apache Dropout, Burnt Ones, We Are Hex, and Open Sex.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

First Show, Second Hour. Craig Willis Bell, Special Guest

Craig Willis Bell stayed in the studio for a second hour, and brought out more rarities: two unreleased tracks; one from the Bell System, and the other from a studio session. He spoke about collaborating with David Thomas to write "Final Solution" for Rocket From The Tombs.

The show rounds out with another song from the new Dockers album, tracks from The Last IV, We Are Hex, and KO.

First Show, With Craig Willis Bell!

After several false starts, here is the first hour of the very first Boom Shakes The Room!

Craig Willis Bell is my special guest, and he talks about his Indianapolis bands The Down-Fi and DEEZEN, with music from both, including a sneak preview of DEEZEN's upcoming cassette release.

Craig gives us a second sneak preview, courtesy of Smog Veil Records, for an X____X track he plays bass on, scheduled for release in late Fall 2015.

Music from Sir Deja Doog, Thee Tsunamis, The Dockers (from their brand new album!), Apache Dropout, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (playing Indy soon), Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, and Sitar Outreach Ministries.

Huge show listings, with comprehensive Record Store Day events from across Indiana.

Extra special thanks to Doog Aloog / Sir Deja Doog, for permission to use the phrase "Boom Shakes The Room" for the name of the show (it comes from his song, "Bombasm"), and the copious editing of his songs for drops.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Preview Podcast

Boom Shakes The Room is a new podcast that will feature original rock 'n' roll from Indiana. To get a flavor for the kind of music featured, and a little more background, check out this 32-minute introductory podcast.

Going forward, I'll dial the reverb way back, and equalize the levels between music and voice.