Friday, May 22, 2015

Episode 006 - The Free Zone & Craig Bell

This episode has two guests, one for each hour.

Hour One: Tim & Tom of the Free Zone talk about their radio show on WICR 88.7-fm in Indianapolis, and the upcoming Agent Orange show they are promoting. Music by Apache Dropout, Thee Tsunamis, The Icks, Ko, Agent Orange, In The Whale, The Brothers Gross, Shame Thugs, and CCR Headcleaner.

Hour Two: Craig Willis Bell updates us on his latest activities, recording with The Down-fi and Rocket From The Tombs, and touring with X_____X. We played not-yet-released songs from Down-fi and X_____X. Music by Brenda's Friend, America Owns The Moon, live tracks from Thee Tsunamis and Dirtbike, Viet Cong, Burnt Ones, Apache Dropout, and Mike Adams At His Honest Weight.

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